We Love: Andrew Marc x. DJ Lindsay Luv

[Ernesto Lomeli photos]
Andrew Marc x. DJ Lindsay Luv

Luxury outerwear brand Andrew Marc has made a name for itself in the industry as the leading choice when shopping for jackets and coats. Inspired by the rebellious American, Andrew Marc combines luxury materials like fine leather to create a look that sets it apart as an chic, iconic American Brand. Recently, Andrew Marc has taken itself to new levels with the addition of a Women’s Contemporary Dress division. Here we see the ever-affable DJ Lindsay Luv killing it in fur vest and lace dress from Andrew Marc. Not only is her style effortless, but her ability to command the turntables when on the job is epic. Click here to check out more Andrew Marc and shop the brand. We Love Andrew Marc and know you will too!

Exclusive DJ Lindsay Luv Set List for Andrew Marc *LISTEN NOW
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